Meteorological Balloon FAQ’s

How much gas should I use to inflate the balloon?

The amount of gas required for producing optimum performance is usually defined as the highest possible bursting altitude (with specified payload) while maintaining an average ascent rate between 275 to 350 meters/min.

What are the lifting capacities of helium and hydrogen?

The lift capabilities of hydrogen and helium differ. Hydrogen is the lighter of the two gases. As a general thumb rule Hydrogen lifts 31.8 grams per cubic foot at sea level while helium lifts 28.2 grams per cubic foot at sea level.

Due to the combustible nature of hydrogen gas, it is recommended that the user should undergo proper training for handling and safety.

Does neck diameter have any effect on balloon performance?

No, in our experience as well as form customer feedback, the neck diameter does not have any negative effect on balloon performance. Different manufacturers use in-house developed proprietary manufacturing techniques to manufacture meteorological balloons. This may result in a difference in the neck diameter for a particular sized balloon from manufacturer to manufacturers.

Does PAWAN offer any solutions for manual launches involving balloons with larger sized necks?

Yes, we provide suitable balloon adapters/nozzles at no extra charge to the customer along with bulk supply of balloons. (One per 500 balloons). The nozzle is made of high quality powder coated aluminium to prevent corrosion in extreme weather conditions. Adapters are available in customer specified weights. Please check our Meteorological Consumables page. This adaptor is also available for sale at a reasonable price along with small sized orders or if extra nozzles are required with bulk orders.

What shipping options does PAWAN offer?

We use International Couriers such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT World Wide Express and International Speed Post (EMS). The choice of carrier is based on destination country as well as customer preference if any. However, if there is a specific customer request, we also ship larger orders by DHL, FedEx or TNT World Wide Express.

For large orders we ship by Air Freight to the nearest major international airport to the customer as this is most economical.

What payment options does PAWAN accept?

Our payment terms are 100 % advance by wire transfer along with a firm purchase order. In case of payment by L/C, our terms are 100 % by L/C at sight. The L/C should be issued by a major European or US bank and should also be irrevocable and unrestricted. Trans-shipment of goods should be allowed. The L/C should be open for negotiation with any bank in India. For smaller orders we accept payment via PayPal. A surcharge may apply for payment via Paypal

Is PAWAN looking for agents to represent them in the International Market?

We do have representation in many countries. However we are actively looking for good representation in Western Europe, UK, USA and Australia/New Zealand. Interested parties may contact us along with company information as well as any prior experience in the sales within the meteorological industry.

Online Store. Shipped by EMS Post. Available for USA, UK & limited countries in EU. Contact us for delivery to other countries. Fed/TNT/DHL options available.

2000 gm Meteorological Balloon, CPR-2000.
1200 gm Meteorological Balloon, CPR-1200.
30gm Pilot Balloons PR-30 Red. Pack of 100 balloons, $320.
10gm Pilot Balloons, PR-10 Green. Pack of 100 balloons, $170
150gm Meteorological Balloon for Tethered Flights in Green or Orange colour. Pack of 10 balloons, $110.