Meteorological Instruments (Mechanical)

  • Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Non Recording Rain Gauge.
    Types available: Hellmann Rain Guage, 5 inch Rain Gauge, 4.44 inch Rain Gauge
  • ( One Measuring Borosilicate Cylinder included. Type available 10mm, 20mm, 25mm)
  • Wind Vane – Mechanical Type
  • Anemometer – Mechanical Counter Type
  • Portable Mechanical Wind Vane
  • Self Recording Rain Gauge
  • Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge
  • Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder (with Sunshine Recording Cards)
  • Pan Evaporimeter (Copper or Galvanized Iron)
  • Dew Gauge
  • Stevenson Screen in Teakwood (Single / Double)
  • Hygrograph (with Recording Charts)
  • Thermograph (with Recording Charts)
  • Thermohygrograph (with Recording Charts)
*Additional information and specifications available upon request.
If your product is not listed on this page, please contact us and we may be able to arrange the same for you.


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2000 gm Meteorological Balloon, CPR-2000.
1200 gm Meteorological Balloon, CPR-1200.
30gm Pilot Balloons PR-30 Red. Pack of 100 balloons, $320.
10gm Pilot Balloons, PR-10 Green. Pack of 100 balloons, $170
150gm Meteorological Balloon for Tethered Flights in Green or Orange colour. Pack of 10 balloons, $110.