Miscellaneous Consumables

Rainfall Measuring Cylinders:

PAWAN rainfall measuring cylinders for non recording rain gauges (5 inch type and Hellmann) are manufactured from high quality Borosilicate glass. These rain measuring cylinders are available in flat bottom or conical bottom and are used in conjunction with a non recording rain gage:
The sizes available are:
  • 10 mm rainfall measuring capacity for 5 inch Rain Gauge
  • 25 mm rainfall measuring capacity for 5 inch Rain Gauge
  • 20 mm rainfall measuring capacity for Hellmann Rain Gauge
If you provide us with a sample of your rain measureing cylinder, our expert team of craftsman can replicate your deisgn at very competitive prices.  


PAWAN offers high quality thermometers with both spirit alcohol and mercury as the medium. Please contact us with your requests along with specifications.
The sizes available are:
  • Ordinary Thermometer
  • Minimum Thermometer
  • Maximum Thermometer
  • Six’s Thermometer or Min – Max Thermometer
  • Floating Thermometer
  • Dry Bulb Thermometer
  • Wet Bulb Thermometer
  • Soil Thermometers
Miscellaneous Items: Twines for Meteorological Balloons, Chinese Lanterns for night time Pilot Balloon(PIBAL) observations etc.

* If your product is not listed on this page, please contact us and we may be able to arrange the same for you.

  1. Borosilicate Glass Measuring Cylinder for rainfall Measurement - 10mm and 20mm
  2. Dry Bulb Thermometer
  3. Maximum Thermometer
  4. Maximum Minimum Thermometer
  5. Minimum-Thermometer
  6. Wet Bulb Thermometer
Online Store. Shipped by EMS Post. Available for USA, UK & limited countries in EU. Contact us for delivery to other countries. Fed/TNT/DHL options available.

2000 gm Meteorological Balloon, CPR-2000.
1200 gm Meteorological Balloon, CPR-1200.
30gm Pilot Balloons PR-30 Red. Pack of 100 balloons, $320.
10gm Pilot Balloons, PR-10 Green. Pack of 100 balloons, $170
150gm Meteorological Balloon for Tethered Flights in Green or Orange colour. Pack of 10 balloons, $110.