Quality Assurance

At PAWAN we have employed a strict Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that the best product makes it to the customer. Raw Material is sourced only from qualified vendors. Strict quality checks are maintained through every stage of production. Each meteorological balloon is inspected individually prior to dispatch. Also each meteorological balloon is packed individually in ‘Mylar’ type bags. Meteorological balloons that do not meet quality and dimensional specifications are rejected. We also conduct routine flight tests with our strategic partner on various sizes of our meteorological balloons to continuously monitor the flight performance in actual field conditions.

High quality assurance, competitive prices and prompt deliveries contribute to growing acceptance of our weather balloons in the International market. PAWAN Meteorological Balloons are regularly exported for the past many years to different regions all over the world. Globally various WMO Member Nations and R&D Institutions in Europe, Africa, South America and Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean Islands as well as various users in the private research sector have come to rely on PAWAN Meteorological Balloons for their excellent quality, competitive pricing and prompt deliver.

Consistent repetitive overseas demand over the years amply reflects the success of  PAWAN Meteorological Balloons on global scale.

Online Store. Shipped by EMS Post. Available for USA, UK & limited countries in EU. Contact us for delivery to other countries. Fed/TNT/DHL options available.

2000 gm Meteorological Balloon, CPR-2000.
1200 gm Meteorological Balloon, CPR-1200.
30gm Pilot Balloons PR-30 Red. Pack of 100 balloons, $320.
10gm Pilot Balloons, PR-10 Green. Pack of 100 balloons, $170
150gm Meteorological Balloon for Tethered Flights in Green or Orange colour. Pack of 10 balloons, $110.